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HUNTER by Margaret Madigan

Please join me in extending a hearty congratulations to Margaret Madigan on the completion of her sexy, hot novella: HUNTER! Today, I have the pleasure of revealing to you the cover of this tantalizing little dish, so without further ado, I give you HUNTER!


HUNTER is the first book in the new Caine Brothers series of erotic romance novellas by Margaret Madigan. Look for it to release October 19, 2015.


When Hunter takes over the CEO position at his father’s multi-billion dollar real estate development company, he also inherits his father’s sexy blonde personal assistant, Allison.

Allison doesn’t appreciate being passed around like property. When she meets Hunter, though, sparks fly. He’s gorgeous, but she’s ready to resign, until he proves he’s not the misogynistic  boss his father was.

Hunter’s considering the purchase of a resort in Costa Rica. It’s currently a couples-only resort, so he asks Allison to go undercover with him, posing as newlyweds. Allison’s skeptical, but it’s a free trip to Costa Rica, and Hunter’s easy on the eyes, so why not?

Those sparks turn into raging hot flames as Hunter and Allison explore the resort–and each other–and discover that what happens in Costa Rica may or may not actually stay in Costa Rica.



Hunter went right back into the bathroom to do whatever he intended to do to get that roaring erection under control.  Allison pondered following him and helping him out, one way or another.

Two things stopped her; first, her legs were so weak from that flipping amazing orgasm that she didn’t think she could walk across the room, and secondly, the anticipation of owing him heated her all over again.

While he’d showered the first time, she’d moved all their luggage to the closet. Now, she went to find a dry pair of panties.

She changed them and sat on the bed, waiting for Hunter and remembering his fingers on her and in her. The ghost of his touch still lingered on her skin and in the receding pulse of her orgasm.

If that was just a sample of what they’d do to each other, she didn’t need to sleep on it. To hell with caution, she was ready for more.

But apparently he’d decided they’d stick to the agreement.

It didn’t take long for him to finish in the bathroom, and when he left the bathroom this time, he looked like he could barely contain his triumph. Like by making her come like that he’d proven some primal point. Like he’d achieved a coup, vanquished a rival, swept in and made a hostile takeover. He puffed his chest, threw his shoulders back, and pretty much strutted into the room.

“Kinda proud of yourself there, chief?” she asked.

“Maybe a little. Where’s my suitcase?”

She pointed at the closet. He went in and rummaged, coming out with charcoal slacks and a blue shirt. He laid everything out on the bed, then paused.

“There are four restaurants here. Any idea what you’re hungry for?” she asked.

“Seriously, you have to ask?”

She looked at him, saw the unfiltered lust in his eyes, and remembered he still hadn’t been properly taken care of. A little bit of waiting wouldn’t hurt Mr. I-get-everything-I-want-when-I-want-it CEO. Might build some character.

“Patience is a virtue, you know.”

“I don’t like to wait.”

“Waiting makes everything better.”


“You’ll see.”

He rolled his eyes, and she smiled. This weekend could be a lot of fun.

“Are you going to sit there while I dress?” he asked.

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes. But if you do, we won’t be waiting for tomorrow. If I get naked with you now, you’d better be ready to skip dinner and forget about sleep for most of the night.”

“Well, then. I’ll step out and let you dress. Because I’m starving.”


She slid off the bed, laughing at his fake insult. As she passed him on the way to the door, she grabbed the edge of his towel and yanked it off.

He growled and reached for her, but she squealed and ran for the living room. She flopped onto the couch, giggling like a little girl, but when she looked back to the bedroom Hunter stood in the doorway, naked as the day he was born, the single most glorious man she’d ever had the privilege to witness in the nude.

He’d reached up and hooked his fingers over the top of the door jamb, and lounged there casually displaying himself for her perusal. She had no doubt he meant for her to understand what she was missing. Her skin tingled, and her mouth watered in appreciation. She’d need to change her panties again.

Tall, tan, lean, and hung, Hunter made the perfect argument without even saying a word.

“Wow.” How she managed even one coherent word, she had no idea.

He grinned. “Damn right, wow.”

“Ego much?”

He shrugged and turned back to the bedroom, giving her a great view of his ass.

Waiting for tomorrow would be a serious challenge, but she didn’t like to lose any more than he did, so she’d wait. Until then, she’d have as much fun teasing him as possible.

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About the author:


I write historical romance for Entangled Publishing, paranormal romance for Evernight Publishing, and contemporary, erotic romance, and science fiction for M&M Publishing.

Oregon Ducks fan.

Donut and pastry addict.

I like cats.

I’m terrified of balloons.

When I’m not writing you’ll find me in a college classroom teaching English, or working as a literary agent for an amazing agency…and of course, wrangling my family.

Author links:







Gambling on Margaret Madigan

TOMORROW, ladies and gentlemen, Avelynn releases tomorrow! 😀

And you know we are going to have one hell of a party! Join me for Avelynn’s Facebook Launch Party. It’s all online!

To help me celebrate my release day, here’s another one of my fabulous author friends Margaret Madigan​


And here’s a little something about Margaret’s sexy book: Gambling on the Outlaw


Beth Caldwell is no man’s property. A gambler’s widow with a willful, independent streak, she’s already courting trouble after rejecting an offer of marriage from a foul-tempered and land-hungry cattle baron. But when Beth discovers a handsome outlaw hiding in her barn, she lands in a whole new heap of trouble…

Isaac Collins survived the Civil War only to find himself scapegoated for stagecoach robbery and murder. With nothing left to lose, he gambled everything on revenge and barely escaped with his life. Now he’s relying on the kindness of a fierce, strong-willed woman…and God help him if there isn’t something both sweet and forbidden simmering between them.

But Beth’s rejected suitor is no gentleman. He’ll do whatever it takes to get her land. And in Nevada, everything rides on a high-stakes game of chance…especially love and death.

GotO teaser 7

For more information about Margaret’s books, visit her Amazon Author Page

Or Follow her on Facebook

You can eMeet Margaret when she takes over Avelynn’s Party tomorrow!

In gratitude,

Marissa xo

I'm Gambling on the Outlaw

Join me today between 4:00 – 5:00pm EST for the Facebook release party of Gambling on the Outlaw! I’ll be giving away a copy of my book Life: Living in Fulfillment Every Day! Fun starts at 12:00pm noon EST! Lots of authors giving away lots of cool prizes all day long! 😀


Genre: Historical romance

Length: 84k

Nevada is no easy place for a woman, especially for Beth Caldwell, a gambler’s widow with an independent streak. When she refuses to marry the local cattle baron-who wants to add her land to his empire-Beth ends up with a powerful enemy. But it’s not until she finds a handsome outlaw hiding in her barn that her trouble really begins.

Isaac Collins survived the Civil War only to find himself the scapegoat for stagecoach robbery and murder. With nothing left to lose, he gambles everything on revenge…and barely escapes with his life. He stumbles back to Beth’s place, and as she nurses him back to health something tender and heated grows between them.

But in Nevada, sometimes everything can ride on one high-stakes game of chance…and Beth’s rejected suitor will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.



I squared my shoulders and entered the room, determined to behave myself properly.

He was sat up in bed with several pillows piled behind him for support, looking every bit as if he belonged there, enough so that last night came to mind and I was tempted to crawl in and snuggle up next to him. But I gave myself a mental shake. He was quickly turning me into a silly schoolgirl.

I am a strong, independent woman.

I had other women depending on me and I couldn’t let some male drifter, a wanted man no less, distract me from my responsibilities.

I placed the tray on his lap and backed away as quickly as possible, taking a seat in the rocker I’d spent so much time in the last few days.

“It seems your presence is causing quite a stir around here. My friends don’t quite know how to react to you.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“You said none of your lady friends knows how to react to me. What about you? Do you know how to react to me?”

The taste of his lips on mine leaped to mind unbidden, along with the feel of his hands on me, and that’s all it took for my double-crossing heart, and my equally rebellious body, to react with lusty desire. I’d assumed I’d never again be lucky enough to find a man who made me feel that way, and yet here he was, already in my bed.

Although I wanted very much to shift from the rocker to the edge of the bed and assist him with his breakfast, perhaps feeding him bits of bread with creamy butter that he’d have to lick from my fingertips, I opted for maintaining at least a modicum of decency and kept my rear end rooted to the chair. I suspected where Mr. Isaac Collins was concerned, me and my good sense were in a heap of trouble, because my body had clearly declared war against us.

“Just how would you expect me to react?”

He’d been watching me, waiting for my answer, those warm brown eyes regarding me from under a fringe of dark lashes, making my belly flutter like a flock of hummingbirds had nested inside.

“A smart woman would be on her guard. She’d be concerned and maybe even afraid, and she’d send me on my way, happy to see the back of me. And I took you for a smart woman.”


Amazon | Nook | Entangled Publishing




Margaret writes romance and science fiction, and lives in the vast Northern Plains where it’s quiet, mostly empty, and conducive to letting her imagination run wild. When she’s not writing you’ll find her in a college classroom teaching English, or working as a literary agent for an amazing agency…and of course enjoying time with her family.


Facebook author fan page | Twitter | Goodreads | Website | Blog

Too Much Information

I’ve been tagged a lot lately, but I haven’t been able to keep up with them all, but today, I’m playing along. The lovely Margaret Madigan and Charlotte Gruber double tag teamed me … so without further ado, a little too much information about me, you never wanted to know, lol. 😀

-Toilet Paper – over or under: Definitely over. I think my husband puts it under just to drive me crazy, lol.

Keyboard home row or not: I’ve been a home row user since high school and try and make sure my kids do the same. They didn’t particularly enjoy learning to type, even with SpongeBob helping out in his typing tutor, but once they got it, and the teachers started dishing out essays and ISUs they were mighty happy they could type (and therefore finish) faster than their friends who use the hunt and peck method.

-Left or Right handed: Right.

Chicken wings boneless or bone-in: I prefer bone-in and slathered in honey garlic sauce.

-Wash body or hair first: Hair first. It takes me 3/4 of the shower just to shampoo and condition my hair—3/4 of that time is spent just trying to rinse the stuff out!

-Oreos: I like Oreos, but given the choice, I’m a Fudgee-O girl.

-Travel to the past or the future: I’d love to travel to the past. I’d love to visit ninth century England, Wales, France, Rome, Russia, Byzantium. Each of those locations play a role in my Avelynn series, and I’d love see them firsthand—to walk the streets, see the way the citizens dressed, see how they lived, how they interacted, smell the freshness of clean, unpolluted air and the reek of clustered village life. Of course, I’d have to make sure I could return. Unlike Claire in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, I’m far too partial to the luxuries of modern living—most importantly central air conditioning in the summer and toasty furnaces in winter!

-Paperback or ebook: I love them both. I enjoy reading on my Kindle, especially when I’m feeling the need for immediate gratification and can’t wait for the mail to deliver a copy, or the time it will take for me to get up off the couch and drive to the store. But I also love reading paper copies. I need paperbacks or hardcovers for research—I can’t stand trying to look at maps and tables on a Kindle. But I will also buy a hardcover book, just to have a copy of it for my library. I have A LOT of bookshelves in my house!

-Cookies or ice cream: Definitely cookies. Cookies, cakes, pies, and tarts all come before ice cream … unless it’s delivered in the form of a milkshake. Chocolate milkshakes are my Achilles’ heel.

-Coffee or tea: I used to drink coffee, but my sensitive body can no longer tolerate the caffeine, so I’m a tea drinker now. But I don’t like plain black teas, I prefer Chai, or lemon green tea, or for nighttime, caffeine-free berry and herbal teas.

-Makeup: Always. Even to answer the front door.

-Sneakers or high heels: Sneakers or boots—depending on whether I’m rocking casual or playful.

-Favorite kiss, tongue or no tongue: Hmmm, depends on the kisser. 😀

-Cash or Credit: Debit cards rule my life, much to my husband’s chagrin. I tend to lose track quite easily of how much I’ve spent that day, week, month … heck, you can’t take it with you, right?!

-Paper or Plastic: What an odd question. Um. All I can think of is grocery bags. Paper bags can be recycled; plastic bags just end up in the landfill, so in that instance, I’d say paper, but I prefer reusable bags … when I remember to put them in the car.

-Baseball or football: I like playing baseball, even though I’m terrified of the ball and hide in right field. I hate watching it on T.V., though … soooo boring. I do enjoy watching football and love the Super Bowl. But I’m Canadian, so really hockey is more rightly my thing.

-Morning or Night: So all about the night!

-Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert. I love my friends and getting out and meeting people!

-Wrapping paper or Gift bags: Wrapping paper.

-Country or City: For convenience and social opportunities, I like the city. For rest and relaxation, I prefer the country.

-Fly or Drive: Not a fan of flying. I’ll drive as far as the land will let me.

-Tap or Bottled: Bottled.

-Flowers or Chocolate: I like them both. Flowers to look at and brighten my mood. Chocolate to savour and brighten my mood. 🙂

-Pencil or Pen: Pen.

In gratitude,

Marissa xo

Margaret Madigan's Hero for Hire

If you missed the cover reveal party for AVELYNN, don’t despair, I’m going to be posting all the wonderful author interviews here for your reading pleasure!

Margaret Madigan

Sitting down with Margaret Madigan

Let’s extend a warm welcome to our next wonderful guest author, Margaret Madigan!

Margaret lives in the vast Northern Plains where it’s quiet and mostly empty, and conducive to letting her imagination run wild. She writes romance and science fiction, and dabbles in other genres just for the fun of it.

When she’s not writing you’ll find her in a college classroom teaching English, or working as a literary agent for an amazing agency…and of course enjoying time with her family.

Margaret Madigan Hi all!

Dawna Hi Margaret.

Margaret Madigan Wow. It suddenly got really quiet in here. Tough crowd.

Marissa Campbell We were just giving you the whole stage.

Marissa Campbell Twirl.

Dawna Lovejoy I’m here!!!

Marissa Campbell Here’s a little about Margaret’s book:

Hero for Hire

Hero for Hire

Tales From Beyond the End, #1

One day her prince would come…disguised as a zombie-killer. Having been disgraced and tossed out by her own scientific community, Gwyn is convinced she can develop a cure for a SuperVirus that has turned the Infected into zombies.

By pure luck and determination, she has survived on her own for years, but while out scavenging, a clash with the local zombies leaves her potentially infected. Now, running out of time, she needs help and takes a chance on a hero for hire.

Rafe loves the apocalypse. Since the world went to hell, everything’s come up roses for him. Having procured a mansion in the Hollywood hills, adopted a slew of homeless boys and one cantankerous but useful Doc, Mr. Charming is benefiting from the nasty zombie infestation. His job? Killing the bastards, which he considers fun anyway.

Gwyn Snow needs Rafe Charming to help retrieve her research from the Paragon Pharmaceuticals lab, also known as Zombie Central. Believing she can yet save the world, Gwyn makes Rafe question what’s right and what’s worth the fight.

Marissa Campbell I love the concept of this book! Zombies, fairytales … what inspired this?

Julie Mulhern Hey, Margaret. Still worried I might come after you while you’re mowing your lawn?

Dawna Hmmmm… This seems interesting.

Nicki Welcome. I think my kids would enjoy your books!!

Julie Mulhern It might be even more interesting if I could type without typos, Dawna…

Julie Mulhern Of course, Margaret’s book is VERY interesting – zombies and all!

Dawna Lol, Julie, my autocorrect wins more times than I do. And please call me Dawna. Your autocorrect will fight you on that. Haha!!!!

Margaret Madigan Sorry. Interrupted by family!

Marissa Campbell Pesky children. 😉

Margaret Madigan Actually, the story is co-authored with Merissa McCain, and it was inspired by a call for submissions we saw at Entangled for a fairy tale retelling.

Marissa Campbell There are lots of ways to retell a fairy tale … why zombies?

Margaret Madigan Why not? lol. Like you said, there are a lot of fairy tale retellings. It’s tough to take a story everyone knows and give it your own twist. We thought it would be fun to put Snow White in the zombie apocalypse and see what happened.

Dawna I have to read this!

Margaret Madigan Nicki – it’s not a kid’s book! It’s a romance. With sex and stuff.

Dawna I have to read it even more!!!! Lol

Julie Mulhern Sex and stuff. *snort*

Marissa Campbell Really good sex and stuff.

Margaret Madigan Hero for Hire is my only currently published book, but I’m also working on a western romance series that’ll be published through Entangled. The first book releases in June. There’s sex and stuff in that one, too, lol.

Marissa Campbell What drew you to the western romance series?

Margaret Madigan Honestly, I have no idea. It sounded fun. And there’s a lot of potential, so I thought…why not?

Marissa Campbell Your westerns are set in the past, how much research did you have to do?

Dawna I love westerns.

Margaret Madigan A lot. I feel like I have a PhD in western trivia. I had to research Nevada terrain, Virginia City, the Civil War, trains, poker, gold mining, gold values, clothing, homes, horses, stage coaches, weather. Seriously…everything.

Dawna Do you look forward to the research? Do you go places like museums or the actual locations to check them out?

Margaret Madigan I just finished the first draft of book two which required even more research (Wyoming, winters, Native tribes, medicine, Omaha, The Hole in the Wall, train robbery…)

Robin Just checking in to say ‘hi,’ after enjoying the beautiful sunny day with my dog.

Margaret Madigan I like the research, but I do it as I write rather than all ahead of time, so sometimes it slows down the storytelling. And unfortunately, I live in the middle of nowhere so I can’t afford to go to the locations (though I have been to some of those places in the past, just not doing research). I’d love to be able to do that, though!

Marissa Campbell Tell us about your heroines and heroes. What traits do you admire? What intrigues you about your characters?

Margaret Madigan Well, like Wren, I tend to write strong heroines. I’m not fond of women who need saving. If she has to be saved, I want it to be because she’s tried herself and acknowledges she needs the help. I also like when a hero is man enough to be saved by his heroine.

Dawna Oooo I love that!

Margaret Madigan In Hero for Hire, Merissa McCain wrote Gwyn, the heroine. Gwyn is a scientist who is smart, but racked with guilt. She needs the hero, Rafe, to help her. But she doesn’t like it. Rafe is a smart-ass who’s come into his own in the apocalypse. I wrote him. He was loads of fun.

Dawna She’s a scientist too!!! Doood!!!!

Marissa Campbell When you see the movie of your books in your head … who’s been cast for the key roles?

Margaret Madigan In Gambling on the Outlaw, Isaac is a broken man, accused of crimes he didn’t commit and on the run from the law. All he wants is to kill the people who set him up, even if he dies trying. Then he meets Beth, who makes him think there might be a reason to live. Beth is an ex-gambler who’s smart and tough with a taste for bad boys. When she meets Isaac she swears not to get involved…until she does, lol.

Dawna I’m making my notes here. Wow!

Margaret Madigan I love that question, Marissa. I was just writing a blog post about it, actually. On my Pinterest page, all these characters are anonymous or models who aren’t necessarily famous. For book two of the western series, I cast David Gandy as the hero and Kate Beckinsale as the heroine. I’d have to think some to come up with fitting actors for the other books…

Margaret Madigan I didn’t used to cast celebs because then when I looked at the pictures I didn’t see my characters, I only saw the celeb or other roles they’ve played, so I looked for models I didn’t know. But sometimes a celeb fits the character perfectly.

Marissa Campbell Since each of your books have such wonderfully romantic elements, I’ll ask the same question I did of Wren Michaels … If your sweetheart wanted to sweep you off your feet, what would he need to do?

Margaret Madigan Ironically, I’m not the most romantic person in the world. If he cleaned the house, cooked dinner, sat down, and watched a movie or TV show with me, ALL WITHOUT COMPLAINING, I’d be happy.

Marissa Campbell lol

Marissa Campbell This or That … Wine or beer? Tall or dark or handsome? Roses or Lilies? Diamonds or Emeralds?

Rachael Stapleton I feel ya on that. With two kids and a house to clean, the most romantic thing my hubby can do is let me write.

Marissa Campbell Or nap.

A.b. Funkhauser We watch TV together.

Rachael Stapleton Since you also moonlight as a literary agent, do you find that helps or hurts you as author? I know lit agents have the reputation of being quite busy.

Margaret Madigan I don’t drink alcohol, so neither wine nor beer, lol. Tall, dark, AND handsome (why should I have to choose when I want them all???), of those two flowers I’d pick roses only because I like the scent, but I do like tiger lilies. And definitely emeralds over diamonds.

A.b. Funkhauser I’m still stuck on Zombies, sex, and stuff….

A.b. Funkhauser Diamonds? Emeralds? I like REAL ESTATE.

A.b. Funkhauser I hope those dayam zombies gargle before, you know, the sex…

Margaret Madigan Rachael, it’s tough because I always try to put my clients before myself. If I’m working on editing a client project, I try to do that before I write on my own. But often, when everyone’s out on submission and I don’t have any new projects going, it’s kind of quiet, so I have plenty of time. It’s a difficult balance sometimes, but lots of agents manage it.

A.b. Funkhauser You have to be very organized, I guess…

Marissa Campbell Looking for Margaret’s zombies, sex and stuff? You can check out her books here:


Barnes and Noble

Margaret Madigan The zombies aren’t having sex, they’re mostly just atmosphere. Part of the setting and plot. Hero for Hire is available on Amazon, B&N, and anywhere fine books are sold. Merissa McCain and I are (slowly) working on book two, which is a retelling of Robin Hood, set in the same zombie apocalypse, just in Chicago instead of L.A.

Margaret Madigan A.b. – I’m a master of time management.

Marissa Campbell Last minute to comment …

A.b. Funkhauser I’m so glad the zombies aren’t having sex…

Margaret Madigan Yes. That would be gross.

A.b. Funkhauser Nice to meet you, Margaret Madigan

Heather M O’Connor I’m still stuck on Snow White in the zombie apocalypse!

Marissa Campbell Thank you so much for being here, Margaret Madigan!

Margaret Madigan Thank you! It’s nice to meet all of you, too. Thanks for attending Marissa’s party. At the end of this shindig, we need to pepper her with all the same questions about her book.

Marissa Campbell Drum Roll …. For a ebook of Hero for Hire

Marissa Campbell DAWNA You’re on a winning streak!  Congratulations!

Dawna Sweet!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

A.b. Funkhauser Woo hoo, Dawna.

Margaret Madigan Yay, Dawna!

Marissa Campbell Don’t forget to like Margaret’s pages, add her books on Goodreads … you know, send her some author love!