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Avelynn: The Edge of Faith

I am thrilled to share the brand new cover design for the highly anticipated sequel to Avelynn!

In a struggle that forces Avelynn to question her faith, her hope, and her future, Avelynn and Alrik are thrust into the world of ninth century Wales and must navigate magic, greed, and betrayal while the iron hands of fate threaten to tear them apart.

Pre-orders available soon! Stay tuned to www.marissacampbell.com for the latest updates.

Cover design by the incomparable Jenny Q at http://historicaleditorial.blogspot.ca/

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you….

Avelynn Edge of Faith

In gratitude,

Marissa xo

Cover & Title Reveal for Avelynn2


Are you guys ready for your first sneak peek at a TINY section of the cover for Avelynn2? 😀 I played this game last time with Avelynn…

For the next 10 days over in the Facebook Event’s Page (see link below for details), I’m going to post a photo with a word hidden somewhere in the image. Collect all 10 words and then PM me your list or email to info@marissacampbell.com to qualify for the draw for a FREE eBook of Avelynn2! Good luck. 😀 xo

For all the party details, pop into the Facebook Event! There will be ten days of contests, fun, and shenanigans all leading up to the official reveal of the title and cover for Avelynn2!

Here’s the first contest image, to whet your appetite for more. 😀

A2 CR Day One

In gratitude,

Marissa xo

The Drowning Game

I am thrilled to be part of this fantastic Cover Reveal for The Drowning Game!

Check out the details below and enter to win

The Drowning Game by LS Hawker

Release date 9/22/15

Available for pre-order now

 DrowningGameB (1) 

They said she was armed.

They said she was dangerous.

They were right.

Petty Moshen spent eighteen years of her life as a prisoner in her own home, training with military precision for everything, ready for anything. She can disarm, dismember, and kill—and now, for the first time ever, she is free.

Her paranoid father is dead, his extreme dominance and rules a thing of the past, but his influence remains as strong as ever. When his final will reveals a future more terrible than her captive past, Petty knows she must escape—by whatever means necessary.

But when Petty learns the truth behind her father’s madness—and her own family—the reality is worse than anything she could have imagined. On the road and in over her head, the fight for Petty’s life has just begun.

Fans of female-powered thrillers will love debut author LS Hawker and her suspenseful tale of a young woman on the run for her future…and from the nightmares of her past.

Author Biography


LS Hawker grew up in suburban Denver, indulging her worrisome obsession with true-crime books, and writing stories about anthropomorphic fruit and juvenile delinquents. She wrote her first novel at 14.

Armed with a B.S. in journalism from the University of Kansas, she had a radio show called “People Are So Stupid,” edited a trade magazine and worked as a traveling Kmart portrait photographer, but never lost her passion for fiction writing.

She’s got a hilarious, supportive husband, two brilliant daughters and a massive music collection. She lives in Colorado but considers Kansas her spiritual homeland. Visit her website at LSHawker.com.

Social Media:






Harper Collins: http://www.harpercollins.com/9780062435170/the-drowning-game


Since he’d died on his stomach, the EMTs had turned Dad onto his back. He was in full rigor mortis, so his upper lip was mashed into his gums and curled into a sneer, exposing his khaki-colored teeth. His hands were spread in front of his face, palms out. Dad’s eyes stared up and to the left and his entire face was grape-pop purple.

What struck me when I first saw him—after I inhaled my gum—was that he appeared to be warding off a demon. I should have waited until the mortician was done with him, because I knew I’d never get that image out of my mind.

I walked out of Dad’s room on unsteady feet, determined not to cry in front of these strangers. The deputy and the sheriff stood outside my bedroom, examining the door to it. Both of them looked confused.

“Petty,” Sheriff Bloch said.

I stopped in the hall, feeling even more violated with them so close to my personal items and underwear.


“Is this your bedroom?”

I nodded.

Sheriff and deputy made eye contact. The coroner paused at the top of the stairs to listen in. This was what my dad had always talked about—the judgment of busybody outsiders, their belief that somehow they needed to have a say in the lives of people they’d never even met and knew nothing about.

The three men seemed to expect me to say something, but I was tired of talking. Since I’d never done much of it, I’d had no idea how exhausting it was.

The deputy said, “Why are there six deadbolts on the outside of your door?”

It was none of his business, but I had nothing to be ashamed of.

“So Dad could lock me in, of course.”




Wren Michaels and Her Sexy Stories!

If you missed the cover reveal party for AVELYNN, don’t despair, I’m going to be posting all the wonderful author interviews here for your reading pleasure!

Sitting down with Wren Micheals

I’d like to officially welcome to the party our next guest author, Wren Michaels!

Unbearable by Wren Michaels

Wren Michaels hails from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin where beer and cheese are their own food groups. But a cowboy swept her off her feet and carried her away below the Mason-Dixon line, where she promptly lost all tolerance for snow and cold. They decided they’d make beautiful babies together and they got it right on the first try. Now Wren lives happily ever after in the real world and in the worlds of her making, where she creates book boyfriends for the masses to crave.

Wren Michaels Thanks for having me, Marissa.

A.b. Funkhauser Tell us about the boyfriends…

Marissa Campbell Tell us a little about your steamy, sexy books!

Margaret Madigan Hi! *waves*

Wren Michaels They’re all scrumptious and waiting to take you on a trip to seductive town.

A.b. Funkhauser Are they shaped by muse(s)?

Marissa Campbell Here’s a little about Wren’s books:

Unbearable by Wren Michaels

UNBEARABLE: Rose Red will stop at nothing to protect her sister, Snow White, from suffering the same fate as their mother. She vows to kill Hestor, the evil dwarf sorcerer responsible for her death. But a twist of fate lands her on the bottom of a riverbed, and her life in the hands of a mysterious stranger.

Marcus is a beast of a man. He is a bear by day, man by night, thanks to a curse from the evil Hestor. When he rescues Rose from an icy grave, he unleashes the real animal. Falling for her is dangerous enough, as he must protect the secret of his curse. But she may just be the key to getting his kingdom back, as she breaks one spell and puts him under another.

Wren Michaels Let’s see, Unbearable has Marcus, my Irish Prince who’s cursed by an evil sorcerer to live as a bear by day and man by night. So he’s an alpha with some animalistic tendencies.

Marissa Campbell Or perhaps you might like this book by Wren Michaels…



Wren Michaels

Four years ago Katy said goodbye to her brother Roger and his best friend, Jason, as they deployed for the Middle East. Two weeks ago they both came back. Only one of them was alive.

After Roger’s funeral, Katy turns to Jason for comfort. She’s been in love with him since she was eight years old, but knew he never saw her as anything other than Roger’s little sister. Overwhelmed with grief, she pleads with Jason to help her drown her pain, convincing him to sleep with her to help her escape for a while. But deep in her heart the real reason is because he came back alive, and her love for him reignites.

Jason fights his desires, as he has for fifteen years since he fell in love with his best friend’s sister. He pushed his own feelings aside out of respect for Roger. But when Katy’s grief is too much, he’ll do anything to help her ease the pain.

As they share in each other’s pain and grief, they also ignite a love both of them have forced back for years.

A.b. Funkhauser Who do you “see” when you think of Marcus?

Wren Michaels Welcome Home, Jason has of course Jason, my marine hero. Man in uniform, need I say more?

A.b. Funkhauser The uniform announces the man.

Monique Goodness…a man with bear-like qualities. Who wouldn’t want to read about that?

Dawna Yay!

Wren Michaels My muses are fueled by pics of Ian Somerhalder and coffee so anything is possible.

A.b. Funkhauser Wide open. I like that.

Marissa Campbell What drew you to Red Rose your heroine?

Wren Michaels I see a man who is used to being in control and now forced to live in hiding which is out of his control, so he’s fighting with himself on a daily basis. It makes him complex and in need of help and Rose is his sanctuary.

A.b. Funkhauser She saves him?

Wren Michaels Sorry for typos, I’m driving home from Austin so I won’t be fast at responses as I’m limited to my smart phone

A.b. Funkhauser Be safe.

Marissa Campbell I was just going to thank you for doing this from your phone! xo

Marissa Campbell I think she has a hunky driver.

A.b. Funkhauser In that case, practice SAFE. lol

A.b. Funkhauser And keep those hands on the wheel.

Wren Michaels Well I wanted to do a different fairytale, everyone does Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, so I wanted to find a little different story to take on. I also tend to write strong female characters. I don’t like damsels in distress, I like damsels that cause distress.

Marissa Campbell I love that! Damsels that cause distress!

Wren Michaels Hubby is driving so I can play. Lol

Wren Michaels Darn auto correct!

Monique I like to read books that feature empowering women. We should all cause distress. I imagine your novels are How to Books.

A.b. Funkhauser Distressing ladies really got going in the 80s with Dynasty and Dallas. Alexis Carrington Colby was my hero. We need women to look up to.

Alison Sounds juicy. A new spin on a classic. Very cool.

Wren Michaels I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan. He’s known for kickass heroines. So I tend to channel him when I write.

A.b. Funkhauser That’s a great muse to have!

Nicki U have got my interest.

Margaret Madigan Whedon’s man enough not to be threatened by women. I like that.

Wren Michaels I have several stories where my damsels do the saving. It’s all about turning the tables.

Monique I, too, am a Joss Whedon fan (currently watching Season 6 of Buffy for the umpteenth time).

A.b. Funkhauser You are levelling the playing field. I could see the male characters reacting badly to this. How does the Bear first react to her overtures?

Wren Michaels Yes, Whedon is very pro woman. Look at Zoe from Firefly, Kaylee is a mechanic, Buffy kicked much ass. Need I say more?

A.b. Funkhauser And with Buffy, he hooked me into something that I thought I wouldn’t watch. You might have me reading bed time stories again Wren Michaels. Thank you.

Wren Michaels Marcus is shocked, but her fire, love for her family and provocative side entice him rather than threaten him.

A.b. Funkhauser Are your men emotional?

Monique I am definitely going book shopping this week.

Wren Michaels Jason, my marine is. He’s just lost his best friend at war, and he comes home to the love of his life. In a unique spin, my heroine, Katy makes the move on him and ends up releasing a bottle of emotions he has.

Marissa Campbell Red is strong and provocative! What drew you to writing romance and erotica?

Wren Michaels Katy ends up celebrating Jason being alive since she just buried her brother.

Heather I love fairy-tale-inspired fiction. You had me at Irish Prince…

Margaret Madigan I love fairy tale inspired stories, too, especially if they’re written with unexpected twists and turns.

Wren Michaels That is a funny story, Marissa. I was bit down in the dumps about my writing career. A friend of mine told me about the anthology and convinced me to do the short story for it. And Evernight accepted it. So as a result my pen name Wren Michaels was born.

A.b. Funkhauser Pen names are freeing?

Wren Michaels After that the same friend, Evie Knight, who is a magnificent author, dared me to try writing a fairytale for Evernight’s Naughty Fairytale line and Rose and Marcus were born.

Wren Michaels Lol well if self-induced schizophrenia is freeing, then yes. Sometimes it is a little chaotic being two people, but I’m certainly having fun with these stories. So there could be more.

A.b. Funkhauser Lol. Out of chaos comes order and ART.

Marissa Campbell There is a strong romantic element running through your stories! So if your sweetheart wanted to sweep you off your feet, what would he have to do?

Wren Michaels Well my hubby convinced me to move from Wisconsin to Texas with a kiss. So um either I’m easy or he’s a spectacular kisser.

Margaret Madigan Or both.

Margaret Madigan *snort*

Dawna Awe!!!

A.b. Funkhauser Hee hee. I can relate. I almost followed my husband to Thunder Bay–it’s as brutal as it sounds! Ah, pheromones.

Alison Lucky you.

Wren Michaels I think at heart every woman just wants a man/woman to make them feel special. Love is the most powerful thing on earth. It is the cause of war, celebration, and life itself.

Monique There’s a story there, Wren.

Wren Michaels All of my heroes are based in part on my hubby.

Dawna That’s true, Wren.

Marissa Campbell What about your heroines … is there some of you in there? What do you admire in them?

Wren Michaels I think I make them all the things I wish I could be. They’re the parts I’m too shy to do in real life.

A.b. Funkhauser Writing them makes them your life. You’re living it. Bravo!

Marissa Campbell Thank you so much for being here, Wren Michaels! xoxo

A.b. Funkhauser Thanks Wren Michaels for sharing.

Margaret Madigan Safe travels home!

Monique Thank you for a titillating hour, Wren.

Wren Michaels Thanks for playing with me today and helping support your favorite authors make their dreams come true. Without you readers, our stories would just live in our heads, and we’d go around talking to ourselves all day. Lol

Monique I’m driving on the lawn from now on.

Wren Michaels Oh and the sequel to Unbearable comes out the end of the month, entitled BAD APPLE. Keep track on my Twitter or FB page for details.

Marissa Campbell Here’s a sneak peak at the cover reveal for BAD APPLE!

Wren Michaels

Marissa Campbell Last minute to comment before I make the draw for Wren’s books! She’s giving away a copy each of Unbearable and the Uniform Fetish Anthology!

Marissa Campbell Up first is Unbearable! Drum roll ….

Marissa Campbell Nicki you are the proud winner of Unbearable!

Wren Michaels Kermit Flail!

Marissa Campbell A.b. Funkhauser you just won a copy of Wren’s Uniform Fetish Anthology!

A.b. Funkhauser Hee Hee. I likey!

Marissa Campbell If you want more Wren! Check her out here:





Julie Mulhern's The Deep End

Did you miss AVELYNN’s Facebook Cover Reveal Party? No problem! I’m going to be posting all the wonderful author interviews here on my blog!

Sitting down with Julie Mulhern …

I’d like to official welcome to the party my first guest author, Julie Mulhern!

Julie Mulhern is a Kansas City native who grew up on a steady diet of Agatha Christie. She spends her spare time whipping up gourmet meals for her family, working out at the gym and finding new ways to keep her house spotlessly clean–and she’s got an active imagination. Truth is–she’s an expert at calling for take-out, she grumbles about walking the dog and the dust bunnies under the bed have grown into dust lions. She is a 2014 Golden Heart® Finalist. The Deep End is her first mystery and is the winner of The Sheila Award.

untitled (34)

Heather M O’Connor Tell us about your book, Julie.

Julie Mulhern I think I need to shrink my screen! My face looks GINORMOUS.

Marissa Campbell Lol, it’s a beautiful face!

Julie Mulhern Heather, my book is a murder mystery set in 1974 at a country club.

Julie Mulhern Marissa, I can see every wrinkle.

Julie Mulhern Heather, here’s the blurb:

Swimming into the lifeless body of her husband’s mistress tends to ruin a woman’s day, but becoming a murder suspect can ruin her whole life.

It’s 1974 and Ellison Russell’s life revolves around her daughter and her art. She’s long since stopped caring about her cheating husband, Henry, and the women with whom he entertains himself. That is, until she becomes a suspect in Madeline Harper’s death. The murder forces Ellison to confront her husband’s proclivities and his crimes—kinky sex, petty cruelties and blackmail.

As the body count approaches par on the seventh hole, Ellison knows she has to catch a killer. But with an interfering mother, an adoring father, a teenage daughter, and a cadre of well-meaning friends demanding her attention, can Ellison find the killer before he finds her?

Marissa Campbell Julie’s book!

untitled (35)

Julie Mulhern Don’t you love my cover? I can say that because I had nothing to do with its design…. sending Henery Press all sorts of love!

Marissa Campbell We are knee deep in snow here, Julie. That cover looks wonderful!

Heather M O’Connor Sounds fabulous! The Deep End is a great title. Such depth.

Julie Mulhern Inspired by the deep end of a pool…

Marissa Campbell How so?

Heather M O’Connor And getting in out of her depth. I love the double and triple entendre.

Julie Mulhern My heroine dives into a pool and swims into a body.

Julie Mulhern Heather. I love it when people get that!

Heather M O’Connor And not just any body… anybody…

Julie Mulhern Nope – the one body guaranteed to make her a murder suspect!

Margaret Madigan I love that it’s a cozy-ish/amateur sleuth mystery with some edge to it. And Ellison is fabulous.

Marissa Campbell I love her name too! Where does the name come from?

Julie Mulhern She might be the tiniest bit snarky, Margaret – nothing like me at all.

Margaret Madigan *snort* Whatever you say, Julie.

Julie Mulhern Marissa, I’ve known several Ellison’s in my life, all belonged to country clubs.

Marissa Campbell So, your heroine, Ellison … is she like you? What’s different? What do you admire in her?

Alison I love the cover. Sounds like a great read.

Julie Mulhern Ellison and I might share a certain level of SNARK but our lives are different.

Julie Mulhern First off, my husband does NOT frequent sex clubs….

Marissa Campbell A fact, you are probably thankful for.

Margaret Madigan Julie, I totally wanted to toss out some snark of my own there, but I held my tongue. You’re welcome.

Marissa Campbell What inspired you to write the book? Do you like reading mysteries?

Julie Mulhern Second, I’ve never run over a body with my car – hit someone, yes – actually put tire tracks on their shirt, no.

Marissa Campbell There’s a story in that! What happened?

Julie Mulhern I was only sixteen and not the best driver…he was mowing a lawn…

Margaret Madigan You were driving on the lawn?

Marissa Campbell Car on the road … man on his grass … continue!

Julie Mulhern Kid in the gutter starting the lawn mower…the kid walked away. My parents replaced the lawn mower.

Marissa Campbell Oh dear. Glad everyone was okay!

Julie Mulhern I spent the next month sitting in my room.

Monique Nadeau Massabki “The Deep End” sounds intriguing (and I will be getting my very own copy), but even I want to read the story you (should) will write about running over Lawn Mower Kid.

Julie Mulhern Monique just join us for a holiday dinner – it gets dredged up every year.

Marissa Campbell lol

Monique Nadeau Massabki All the good stories do.

Marissa Campbell What draws you to mysteries, Julie?

Julie Mulhern The story gets funnier every year – just ask my husband. He’s heard it 20+ times now.

Julie Mulhern Marissa, haven’t you ever wanted to kill someone?

Margaret Madigan Oh wow. Scary answer, Julie.

Julie Mulhern Bwahahahaha

Margaret Madigan Remind me to stay on your good side.

Monique Nadeau Massabki Note to self…No negative reviews for Julie Mulhern.

Julie Mulhern I love mysteries for the puzzles. I love writing them because I can seriously torture people I never liked.

Rachael Stapleton Killing on paper is the best form. I do all my murdering between this pages as well. This book looks awesome, Julie!

Margaret Madigan She might hunt you down and run over you while you’re mowing your lawn. hehe.

Julie Mulhern Thanks, Rachael!

Monique Nadeau Massabki All joking aside, that was probably the best answer to that question. And I’ll take the plunge and admit ‘Yes. Every day. Yes.’

Julie Mulhern I can drive to N.D., Margeret. Beware!

Rachael Stapleton I was going to say between the sheets but I knew Marissa would take it somewhere else.

Julie Mulhern You gotta watch out for Marissa.

Margaret Madigan She comes across as all sweet and innocent, but she’s not.

Alison Yes, definitely have to watch out for Marissa.

Heather M O’Connor Starting to write my first mystery soon. Any tips you’d like to share?

Monique Nadeau Massabki Do you have another victim lined up for another novel, Julie?

Julie Mulhern Hmmm, Heather. Tips? I work backward. I know who did it and why and then I start writing.

Monique Nadeau Massabki And please don’t pick me.

Marissa Campbell lol

Julie Mulhern Monique, my second book releases in October and poor Ellison finds a body under the stands during a high school football game.

Margaret Madigan Bahahaha! Funny, Monique.

Dale Long Julie, that’s the same reason. I write horror. Plus, there is that thrill of having no boundaries, of writing on the edge. Agatha Christie was one of my favourites and inspirations. You’re a great cheerleader on. #1lineWed.

Heather M O’Connor What was the hardest part of writing the book?

Julie Mulhern Still working on the third book – I’m thinking poison? I’d like to title it, Clouds in My Coffee….anyone up for another ear worm?

Heather M O’Connor Ooh! I like that! Clouds in my Coffee–poison is such a great way to kill someone.

Julie Mulhern Heather, the hardest part for me is the middle, when I hate it and there’s a bright shiny idea waiting to be written. The key is to ignore the idea and finish the damn book.

Heather M O’Connor “What’s your poison?” LOL

Heather M O’Connor Oh, I am right with you on that! Messy, muddy, muddy middles.

Julie Mulhern I haven’t decided. I’d better hope no one poisons my husband because my recent internet searches would land me in jail.

Marissa Campbell I hate middles!

Heather M O’Connor I have a file on my desktop called “How to slit a throat”

A.b. Funkhauser I love middles. They get me into so much trouble. Usually, a side character starts a hijack.

Cryssa Bazos Hi, Julie. Nice to see you on FB instead of just Twitter. Just reading the part where you hit someone at 16. This is one of my fears when I’m backing out with my car.

A.b. Funkhauser I don’t recommend throat slitting. Impossible to remove blood traces.

A.b. Funkhauser Julie. Tell us a secret.

Heather M O’Connor It came from a great Facebook discussion with about a dozen other writers. We were brainstorming and problem-solving for someone. Had to save it. It was invaluable research and less messy than the firsthand kind. But I had to add the title of the book to the file name. I didn’t want any hard feelings or misunderstandings.

Julie Mulhern Cryssa – me too! Aside from the neighborhood kid – yes, he lived down the street – I’ve managed to avoid hitting humans.

Julie Mulhern A secret, A.b. I have no secrets. Not one. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Margaret Madigan Besides, if you told it then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

A.b. Funkhauser But you write fiction, so nothing you say is nonfiction.

Julie Mulhern A.b. since we’re talking murder, my mind goes immediately to pretty little liars…. DO YOU HAVE A SECRET?

A.b. Funkhauser Dozens!

Julie Mulhern Spill…

A.b. Funkhauser I, too, write fiction and am therefore incapable of telling the truth.

A.b. Funkhauser When I was young, someone tried to recruit me as a professional escort.

A.b. Funkhauser As opposed to an unprofessional escort.

Julie Mulhern Actually – I think writers are better at telling the truth than anyone…big truths, universal truths.

Heather M O’Connor And big lies, universal lies, too.

A.b. Funkhauser Lies are great. They mislead the audience and frame the set up for the BIG SURPRISE.

Marissa Campbell I’d like to thank Julie for coming out to play!

A.b. Funkhauser Thanks, Julie!

Monique Nadeau Massabki We had a great time, too, Julie. Thank you for letting us into your world (and not killing us…yet).

Julie Mulhern Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. This has been great fun!

Marissa Campbell She is giving away an ebook of The Deep End!

Marissa Campbell Drum roll …..

Marissa Campbell Alison YOU’RE A WINNER!

Margaret Madigan Thanks for tolerating us, Julie! Congrats Alison!

Alison Thanks that is so exciting. Yay me and thanks, Julie.

Nicki These bios sound so interesting, now I feel my life is boring, lol. Maybe I should write a book.

Marissa Campbell Nicki Lou your life would make a great book! Happily ever after! xoxo

Laura Beautiful and Smart! How lucky can an author get? I have always wanted to write a book, but lack the talent to make it happen. Congratulations, Julie!

Nicki Lol thanks Marissa. Yeah a bit of everything. Can’t be published until I die.

Nicki Beautiful and smart!

Marissa Campbell Want more Julie? Find more about her here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliekmulhern?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JulieKMulhern

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8573907.Julie_Mulhern

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/juliemulhern/

Website: www.juliemulhern.com



The BIG Reveal!

I give you the cover to my debut historical fiction, AVELYNN!

Coming September 8th, 2015!Avelynn by Marissa Campbell

Here’s a little something about the book: 😀

One extraordinary Saxon noblewoman and one fearless Viking warrior find passion and danger in this dazzling and sensuous debut.

869. For eighteen years, Avelynn, the beautiful and secretly pagan daughter of the Ealdorman of Somerset, has lived in an environment of love, acceptance, and equality. Somerset has flourished under twenty years of peace. But with whispers of war threatening their security, Avelynn’s father makes an uncompromising decision that changes her life forever.

Forced into a betrothal with Demas, a man who only covets her wealth and status, Avelynn’s perception of independence is shattered. With marriage looming, she turns to her faith, searching for answers in an ancient ritual along the coast, only to find Alrik The Blood-Axe and sixty Viking berserkers have landed.

In a year of uncertainty that sees Avelynn discover hidden powers, stumble into a passionate love affair with Alrik, and lead men into battle, Avelynn must walk a fine line as her deceptions mount and Demas’ tactics to possess her become more desperate and increasingly brutal.

Avelynn and Alrik are caught in the throes of fate as they struggle to find the way back to themselves and onwards to each other.

AVELYNN Day 6 Cover Reveal Countdown!

Avelynn Cover Reveal Teaser #6

ONE HOUR and counting!

JOIN the event! Win LOTS of prizes! Every comment earns an entry for the giveaway that hour. Come in your pyjamas, in your underwear, heck, you’re welcome to hang out in your birthday suit! It’s all happening on Facebook, and it starts in less than an hour.

Here is your Day 6 AVELYNN Cover Reveal Countdown Teaser! (This one is EASY) Hope you’ve been keeping track.

Pop over to the party for your chance to win!

In gratitude,

Marissa xo

Counting Down with Author Rachael Stapleton

As you know, I am having a Cover Reveal Countdown Party on Facebook this Sunday, March 8th, 2015 for my debut historical fiction AVELYNN. I’ve invited lots of wonderful friends to join me. They will be answering questions and giving away free books! The fun starts at 12:00pm EST and goes all day until 8:00pm!

Pop in to the party between 5:00pm – 6:00pm EST and meet Author Racheal Stapleton!


Curse%20of%20the%20Purple%20Delhi%20Sapphire%20Banner%20851%20x%20315Finalxx (2)ng

The Temple of Indra Series

Book One: The Temple of Indra’s Jewel

Book Two: Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire

Rachael Stapleton

Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Time Travel Romance

Series Description: As a librarian, Sophia Marcil loved reading, especially books about ancient curses and reincarnation, but she never imagined the legend of the Purple Delhi Sapphire was true until she inherited her Great Grandmother’s ring and was transported back to a past life. Now she knows that not only is reincarnation real, but so is the madman chasing her through time.

Book One Trailer: http://goo.gl/6vtX2r

Book Two Trailer: http://youtu.be/VCeG9eA09Fg


About the Author: Rachel Stapleton spent her youth cultivating a vivid imagination inside the book lined walls of an old Victorian library where she consumed everything from mystery to biography, creating magical worlds, hidden elevators, and secret spiral staircases. At sixteen, she penned a column for the local newspaper and in 2006, wrote her first book featuring an adventurous librarian. She now lives in a Second Empire Victorian with her husband and two children in Ontario and enjoys writing in the comforts of aged wood and arched dormers. She is the author of The Temple of Indra’s Jewel, Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire and is currently working on the third and most likely final book in the Temple of Indra series.

Send Rachael some love! Subscribe to her website and follow her on social media.








Day 2: Countdown to Cover Reveal Party with Friends

Avelynn Cover Reveal Teaser #2

Good morning, everyone!

It’s day 2 of the Cover Reveal Countdown with Friends cover tease for my debut historical fiction! Collect the words in the puzzle images and enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Join me and my friends on Facebook Sunday March 8th for lots of author giveaways and loads of fun! 😀 Party starts at noon!

In gratitude,

Marissa xo