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Dynamic Content Writer—Exemplary Communicator and Public Relations Whiz—Author Extraordinaire

With more than 10 years experience in creating dynamic content, I will help innovate your communications and will support departments, project teams and senior leaders in their communications strategies to achieve desired results across all your organization’s channels, including social media, multi-media and digital content, service, delivery, support and administration.

With my professional demeanour and mature attitude, I have an excellent sense of discretion, judgment, tact and diplomacy and bring outstanding strategic, creative and conceptual writing and editing to a variety of digital media. I excel at all aspects of visual storytelling, from design, to photography and videography. Below is a moving care partner’s story I wrote and the video I crafted to accompany it. This video was entered into a charity foundation contest and won, awarding the Alzheimer Society with a $40,000 donation.

As a faculty professor at Durham College, I taught copywriting and Canadian Press Style to PR students, ensuring the next generation of communications professionals had what it takes to write compelling, informative and best-in-class content. With more than 20 students per semester, my role was to mentor, coach and support their learning experience to produce the best outcomes possible to ensure they would be successful in their future careers. This role involved strong leadership and relationship-building skills and included the development and implementation of thorough lesson plans and the evaluation of their effectiveness.

Within my Communications Coordinator roles, I assisted with the development and implementation of communications and social media plans, policies and procedures. I managed editorial content for local websites and social media accounts. I created the content and on-brand visuals for corporate publications such as cases for support, annual reports, quarterly newsletters and program guides, flyers, posters, ads, PSAs, press releases, direct mail letters and email appeals to support the overall business strategy and identified priorities. I have helped shape and expand digital reach with excellent writing skills and a demonstrated ability to write quickly and succinctly, within tight timelines.

For an example of my work in InDesign, please see the annual report I created for the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region (ASDR). In addition to the graphic design work, including infographics, I curated and wrote all content for this report, inducing personal stories and program descriptions. Here is ASDR’s most recent program guide, which I also created, compiled and edited.

From my successful yoga studio to freelance writing and my novels, I have been writing, marketing and digitally publishing cutting-edge multi-media content to elevate my brand and increase engagement and exposure for my business. My passion and dedication rooted in brand and culture will help elevate the user experience and leverage your organization’s reputation to all stakeholders.

After graduating from Durham College’s PR and strategic communications program as the highest-ranking graduate and earning one of Durham College’s most prestigious academic medals for highest-ranking graduate in any three-year program, I can assure you that any skill not currently mastered will receive the same passion and dedication to learning, ensuring your organization receives the highest standards of commitment and workmanship possible.

As a candidate with an attention to detail and accuracy, exceptional written and verbal communication skills, a creative flair for digital and visual storytelling and dedication to learn and grow, I look forward to discussing how I can contribute to your team.

In gratitude,

Marissa Campbell




Below is just a small sample of my communications work:

A fun video highlighting ASDR’s Which Witch is Which?

As with all public relations work, it’s even better when someone else says you’re doing pretty good out there. Here’s a link to a Globe and Mail review of my debut novel, Avelynn.

Wondering what else I’ve written? Check out my Amazon page. 

I’ve written press releases for the ASDR, New and Notables for the Durham College website and written a bi-monthly column for the Brooklin Town Crier. (Page 8)

I also love photography. Here’s just a sneak peek at some of the images I’ve taken (I have multiple external hard drives filled with more, if you’re interested. 😉

Fall Art Program with the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region
Photo Release for Durham College’s public relations program
AIDS Committee of Toronto’s SNAP Gala, event photographer
Breakfast Club with the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region

Feel free to contact me for all your communications needs.

In gratitude,

Marissa Campbell

Communications Maven 🙂