Avelynn: The Edge of Faith Pre-Orders 4 Kindle

So…. this happened. 😀

Pre-order for Kindle… yep, she’s ready.
Avelynn: The Edge of Faith on Amazon.com

Here’s the link for my Canadian Peeps!
Avelynn: The Edge of Faith on Amazon.ca

Print book pre-orders will be available soon… 🙂

Avelynn Edge of Faith

In gratitude,
Marissa xo

2 thoughts on “Avelynn: The Edge of Faith Pre-Orders 4 Kindle”

  1. Hi Marissa,
    Please let me know when your print copies are available. I would like to buy them for my daughter-in-law for Christmas – she is a big Dianna Gabaldon fan. Love the reviews and very happy for you!

  2. Thanks, Heather!

    The first book in the series, Avelynn, is available everywhere. You can get it at Blue Heron Books, Chapters stores, or any online book retailer.

    I’m hoping to have book2, Avelynn: The Edge of Faith, available for print pre-orders within the next couple of weeks. I will definitely keep you posted! 😀

    In gratitude,
    Marissa xo

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