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Hot in Aruba: The Beginning

Hot in Aruba by Marissa Campbell

Well, here it is: the first draft, first peek at Chapter One of Hot in Aruba. 😀 Hence all the hefty security measures with age restrictions! This excerpt is all grown up. Adults only content.

When reading, keep in mind, the placement may change (this teaser may never make the cut or stay as the first scene of the book). The words, the sentences, even the paragraphs may come and go as I work my way through to The End. But this is just the beginning, and you’re getting a rare glimpse of the process. Pay no attention to editing issues. All that will be sorted out several months from now once the story is written. This, for now then, is where it all began…

Marissa Campbell

I forgot to take the chicken breast out of the freezer, damn it. I shifted a little, my tail bone digging into the broken spring in the mattress.

“God, you’re so fucking hot, Samantha.” He grunted, pumping harder until his breath quickened and he got that crinkled look on his face, teeth bared. It looked like he’d just smelled something vile.

My time was running out. I tried to focus on the sensations, desperate to build the climax.

He let out a long wheeze and collapsed, half his weight on the mattress, the other on me. After a moment of heavy breathing, he put his hands behind his head and rolled onto his back. “Did you go, baby?”

I swear, I was one of those women whose clit was miles away from their vagina. “No.” I flipped onto my stomach and drew circles with my nails on his smooth chest. He had rock-hard abs and a tattoo that trailed across his pecks and up over his shoulder before ending in a hot muscled sleeve.

He stretched. “I’d love to stay and help you out, but I gotta get to work.” He kissed my forehead and hopped out of bed, heading to the bathroom. I admired the indents in his sculpted backside until the door shut.

I groaned and stared at the ceiling. The paint was peeling in one spot, and a crack ran the length of the drywall seam. The toilet flushed, and the shower door closed. I opened my nightstand and pulled out Lelo, my faithful battery operated boyfriend and waited. Once I heard the water run, I turned on my vibrator. It was old and sounded like a Hoover, but it never let me down.

I was still sensitive from Peter’s jouncing, so it wouldn’t take long. I just… needed… a little… attention… right… there. I arched my back into the pounding throb of my toy, letting the delicious buzz fill my body. I clutched the sheets, fisting them in my free hand and let out a strangled moan. I fell back, my heart pounding.

When I resigned myself to move, I tucked Lelo in the drawer, under my panties. The shower stopped, and he turned on my hairdryer.

I sighed. I could always order Chinese again.


Well? What do you think? Are you interested in reading more? Is this story a keeper?

In gratitude,

Marissa xo