Wanton Demands

When I first set out to write the second book in the AVELYNN series, I had toyed with the idea of giving Alrik his own POV.  In the end, I cut the scene along with some 30,000 other words. But I thought, hey, you guys might enjoy a little peek into Alrik’s world, or mind, or pants so to speak. 😀

Wanton Demands

Gods she was a vixen. Teasing, cajoling. He had no power in her bed. He was helpless, lured by her eyes, transfixed by her body. He released the belt at his waist and removed his tunic, setting them both neatly at the head of the bed. Finding her ready and wet he slid inside her, groaning in pleasure. She gripped him tightly, his cock finding no room to spare as he pulled back slightly, each stroke a vise of pleasure wrapping around him. He was careful, easing in and out until her legs softened—his cue to push deeper. Her back arched; a throaty gasp followed. Each sound she purred only made him harder, his need for her more urgent. He pulled out, hovering on the edge before driving deep inside her. He kept the pace slow, his body slick with the sweat of restraint, as he pushed her to the edge of wantonness, watching her blossom and open to him, her body making its own demands of his flesh.

In gratitude,

Marissa xo

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